Stuff You Need to Know for Race Day

Pasta Party:

Starting at 4:30pm, pasta specials in the Lodge at Deadwood Restaurant…advance ticket purchase required



AID STATIONS and Port-o-lets:

Approximately every 2 miles, give or take a 1/10 or 2. All aid stations will have the following: WATER; POWERADE; BANANA CHUNKS; and PRETZELS. Some aid stations will have M & M’s.  There is an “extra” aid station at mile 25. Portapotties at miles (marathon) 3,8.5,13,18.5,23.5. (half) 5.5 and 10.5



Half Marathon Start Line Up:

If participants will line up in the appropriate section based upon your expected pace (minute per mile), it will help minimize passing and course congestion. You can be dropped off at the start of either race but NO PARKING is available.




If you plan to leave clothing at the start line, please do the following things….

  1. Use your goodie bag as your Drop Bag.
  2. Print your BIB NUMBER in large numbers on the bag.
  3. When you get to your start line, it is YOUR responsibility to get your bag to the truck. At the HALF Start, you will see a SCHEELS truck…..that’s the place to put your bag. At the FULL start….there will be a couple of pick up trucks designated as Drop Bag vehicles, again, your responsibility to get your bag to them.
  4. Bags will be delivered to Finish Line / Reunion Area and laid out in numeric order, separated by event.


Relay Team Instructions and Driving Directions:

The Relay Exchange stations become very congested with team vehicles and spectator vehicles both converging on these locations. There are going to be Volunteers at each of these 4 locations suggesting best places to park…..PLEASE, cooperate with them




Both of these events are on SATURDAY, not Sunday. The races begin at Deadwood Trailhead/Sherman Street Lot (160 Sherman Street) at 12:45 pm. On site registration will be from 11:30am-12:30 pm.  The Kids 1K will start at 12:45pm and buses will load for the 5K immediately following the Kids race.  The 5K will begin as soon as runners are unloaded at the start.  Usually around 1:30pm (traffic dependant)




If you are staying at The Lodge or Deadwood Gulch… Buses will pick you up in front of the hotel at 7 am (these buses are for hotel guest only, no exceptions)

If you are staying at any of the hotels or motels in Deadwood, the Deadwood Trolley will pick you up in front of your hotel between 5:45am and 6:45am (they make several loops,  so if one goes by another will come around)  and take you to the Start Line Bus stop, where you will board your bus for your start line…..either the full marathon or the half marathon. If you are not staying in a Deadwood Hotel, and are driving in to catch your bus for your start line, you need to park at the Days of 76 Rodeo parking lot which is located on the north end of Deadwood. If you are parking at the Bus Stop area, PLEASE follow the directions of our Parking Attendants. They have a plan, and if you cooperate, all will flow smoothly. If you are being dropped off at the Bus Stop (Rodeo Grounds) your driver will be diverted to the right as you pull in to the parking lot. Again, please follow the Parking Attendants directions. Thanks for your cooperation.



Trolly Times

The times that the Trolleys start running and the times that the Start Line buses begin leaving the Days of 76 Rodeo Grounds parking lot for the two start lines:

6 AM

FREE PARKING at Days of 76 Rodeo Grounds

5:45 AM TO 6:45 AM

DEADWOOD TROLLEYS FREE will pick up all runners staying at any Deadwood Hotel to take themnto START LINE Bus Stop, where they board busses that will take them to their respective START LINES.

6:45 am to 7 AM

START LINE BUSES leave from Days of 76 Rodeo Grounds Parking Lot for both the start lines. Buses WILL leave ON TIME.


Start line buses leave from the Lodge at Deadwood and Deadwood Gulch (for hotel guests only)

Rolling Start for the Half Marathon






We encourage you to go out on the course and cheer for the runners, and here are some suggestions for the best way to do that.

No spectators at start of Full Marathon……PLEASE. Rochford is a tiny little town with no parking.

1. Best spots for viewing/cheering are at the following Trail heads: Dumont Trailhead; Englewood Trailhead; Kirk Trailhead and the Finish Line.

2. For detailed DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS to the Trailheads and viewing spots, CLICK HERE




All awards will be presented in the Finish Line / Reunion area. Results will be posted on our home page or at

HALF Marathon Overall winners, Male and Female will receive their awards at 9:45 AM.

FULL Marathon Overall winners, male and female will receive their awards at 11:30 AM.

• AGE GROUP winners can pick up their awards at the First Interstate Bank Awards tent beginning at 10 AM. Updated results will be posted every half hour until 3 PM. If you cannot pick up your award between 10am and 3pm at the Awards Tent, we will mail it to you after the race for a $5 shipping fee. It will be your responsibility to mail us a check and your mailing address in order for you to receive your award.

Please check with our volunteers in the Awards tent if you think you placed in your age group. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND COURTEOUS……THANKS. DON’T pester our scorer….Alan’s a great guy and will accommodate anyone, BUT, he has a job to do and can do it more efficiently if left alone. THANKS.




Sunday at the Finish Line.

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