Here is a list of our most asked questions, if you don’t see the answer you are looking for….please Contact Us

Is DMTM a Boston Qualifier?
Yes, the DMTM course is USATF Certified, and therefore a Boston Qualifier.

Is DMTM Walker friendly?
Yes! We encourage walkers on both the Half and Full Marathon courses. You have ample time to finish either event, with the course open 7 hours. No official times will be posted after 3pm and race officials will determinemon a case by case basis whether you will be allowed to continue.

Will I be affected by the altitude , especially if I am flying from a place at or near sea level?
The short answer is “no,” you won’t be affected. The slightly longer answer is that any minimal affect from the altitude is offset by the perfect running conditions, cool and dry.

What is the closest airport?
The closest airport is Rapid City Regional, located 45 minutes from Deadwood.

What can I expect for temperatures?
Expect to start off in the 40’s and end in the high 60’s.

Do I have to get my race packet at the Expo ?
Yes. You must pick up your race packet and Chip at the Expo. There will be NO packet pick-up on race day.

Can I have a friend pick up my race packet for me?
Yes, you may.

May someone under age 14 participate in the Full or Half Marathon?

No, but children under 14 may participate in the relay.

I am injured and cannot participate. Can I have my money refunded?
There are no transfers to other year’s, other runners, or refunds. You may switch events (full to half, half to relay or 5K, etc) until May 1st. Please appreciate that we have to purchase our supplies in advance of the race.

Is there a bus shuttle to the starting area?
Yes, for both the Full and Half Marathon, and we strongly encourage you utilize it. We have had no difficulties getting everyone to the starting line on time. Additionally, there is NO PARKING at either start.

Will my gear bag be taken back to the finish area?
Yes, leave your gear bag at the starting line. We will transport it to the finish line.

Is there parking at the starting area?
No, there is no parking available at either starting line.

Are there toilets along the course?
Yes, there are toilets for the marathon available at the start, and miles 5,9,13,18, and 23. For the Half marathon, at the start and miles 6 and 11.

Is there a bus from the finish line back to the start so I can pick up my vehicle?
No! And hopefully you’ve been listening… we want you to take the bus shuttle! We will have a shuttle beginning at 10:30 am to take you back to your vehicle at the Rodeo Grounds or to your hotel in Deadwood.

What are the Aid Stations serving?
Water and PowerAde Drink, oranges, bananas, and pretzels. There will be M & M’s at a few.

Can I run with an iPod or other device?
Yes, we are a music friendly course.

May I run with my Stroller or dog?
No, the Mickelson Trail is too narrow to accommodate pets and strollers.

Medical Assistance
Lawrence county search and rescue volunteers as well as some bicycle monitors will be on the course. The medical tent staffed by EMT’s is located at the finish area.

What if it takes me longer than 7 hours to finish?
We will have a sag cyclist, but the runner may continue as a pedestrian without assistance. Aid stations, traffic control, volunteers, etc. will relinquish their posts based upon the 7 hour completion time (16:09 pace).  No official times will be posted after 3pm and race officials will determinemon a case by case basis whether you will be allowed to continue.

Is there a sweep?
Yes, a cyclist will follow the last athlete all the way through to the finish line.

What is available at the Finish?
Besides your medal, take advantage of the the awards ceremony, massages, gear bags, food and drink ….and music.

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