The Finish Line is the Starting Line

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Posted on 05. Sep, 2003

“It’s all over but the shouting,” my mother used to say, and we are now in the shouting stages of the second annual Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon. It was a ‘slam dunk’, a home run, a touchdown, a spike, a goal, a hole-in-one. Jerry, Baron, and I couldn’t be more excited and pleased with the DMTM weekend.

Events of this magnitude do not happen in isolation, so the credit goes to all of you who pitched in and made this a memorable experience for everyone involved. We have been inundated with positive comments and lyrical accolades …people had a good time, a good “time”, and, I am convinced, left with a good feeling about South Dakota in general and the Hills area specifically. Thanks to all of you who were a part of organizing, contributing, facilitating and participating; we have together created an event to celebrate. Next year will be even bigger. (Did I say that?)

For those areas that need adjustment next year, I have made copious notes. For those things that went well, we can replicate. For growth and potential, we have permission and vision. The message will be; register early, train hearty, and plan on spending some quality time in the hills. Only 26.2 need be spent on your feet, there are myriad delightful entertainment options in the area.

Jerry is back in his little office wrapping up details, Baron is sleeping, and I am meditating. Next year’s event begins today; check here for further developments.

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