A stirring note from Trudy Merritt who ran the 2003 DMTM

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Posted on 01. Jun, 2003

The following is a response to an email from Jerry Dunn from a courageous Runner!

Jerry, thanks for the info. You don’t know how much I appreciate your race.

First of all, I race direct 2 triathlons, 2 road runs and a bike race every year as part of my job. Lots of work… you do a wonderful job.

Secondly, your race gave me the perfect place to go to enjoy a marathon after I was told my running career needed to end. I have 2 significant injuries, one to my pelvis and one to my achilles. The pelvic injury is a forever kind of a thing, and significantly impairs what I can do. I thought my marathon days were over. It then occurred to me that the shame for me would be in never doing one again, not in having to walk a good share of it.

I had always been one to refuse to walk. I will never run at any real level again, but I am still running. Your marathon was so perfect for this journey to a new phase of running/walking. I was captivated by the beauty, and appreciated the length of time you keep the course open. I knew I could finish in 7 hours, and actually did much better. That is so important to slower folks or us wounded runners. I was enriched by the entire event.

Instead of feeling like my turtle pace was a defeat, I felt a sense of pride. Almost all runners with my injuries leave running altogether. Thank you so much, and I will get that entry in ASAP. Trudy Merritt

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